The Flowmeter is intended for use by physicians, respiratory therapists and other authorized hospital personnel to administer selected doses of medical gases to a patient.

Flowmeter Quality Mix 0-3 LPM
Order Number: QM-FL-03


Flowmeter Quality Mix 0-6 LPM
Order Number: QM-FL-06


Flowmeter Quality Mix 0-16 LPM
Order Number: QM-FL-16


Flowmeter Quality Mix 0-32 LPM
Order Number: QM-FL-32


Flowmeter Quality Mix 0-85 LPM
Order Number: QM-FL-85

Flowmeter Precision Medical 0-1 LPM
Order Number: PM-FL-01


Flowmeter Precision Medical 0-3 LPM
Order Number: PM-FL-03


Flowmeter Precision Medical 0-15 LPM
Order Number: PM-FL-15


Flowmeter Precision Medical 0-70 LPM
Order Number: PM-FL-70

More scalings available on request.


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